Construction features
Rewindable water cooled, immerged Motors 8”.
External frame made in s.s. AISI 304.
Bolts, nuts and fixing system made in s.s. AISI 304.
Motor flange in cast iron GJL 200 EN 1561.
Shaft made in s.s. AISI 329.
Thrust bearing oscillating pads, Bushings graphite.
Motor cable 6 metres.
Rotation: clockwise/anti-clockwise.
All motors are 100% tested.

Operation data
2-pole induction motor, 50 Hz (n ≈ 2900 rpm).
Sized for connection to the pumps according to NEMA Standards.
Standard voltages: three-phase 400 V up to 130 kW; 400/690 V.
Voltage tolerance : +6% / -10%.
Winding standard in PVC.
Protection IP 68.
Motor suitable operation with frequency converter.

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