Submersible motor pumps in chrome-nickel stainless steel for deep wells of 4,6,8,10”.
SDX: with external jacket and stages in stainless steel AISI 304.

  • Radial impellers: 4 SDX 10-18-30-45-80
  • Mixed flow impellers: 4 SDX 120, SX6- SX8 – SX10 Connection: Screwed connection ISO 228

Delivery casing with built-in non-return valve.


For clean water, non-aggressive. For water supply. For irrigation. For civil and industrial applications. For fire fighting applications.

Operating conditions

Liquid temperature up to a 30 °C.
Max. sand quantity into the water: 300 g/m3. Continuous duty.

Special features on request

  • Other voltages.
  • 60 Hz frequency.

Download 4SDX data sheet (50 Hz)
Download SX6 data sheet (50 Hz)
Download SX8 data sheet (50 Hz)
Download SX10 data sheet (50 Hz)

Download S data sheet 60 Hz

Download spare parts