Submersible pump set EV series is intended for pumping potable water (pH 6.5 – 9.5) and service water up to temperature 35°C (using the specified motors) and acidity 6,5 –12pH.
Practical application of the pump is namely for deep-well water pumping with max- depth 80 m (60 m for EVFU 25-6) and min. diameter of a borehole 80 mm (3”).
That pump-set is suitable for instalment of water piping in one family houses, weekend houses, summer residences, kindergartens, nurseries or community institutions, plants and outbuildings, for both water supply and spraying and/or irrigation of gardens, decorative parks, sports grounds, and so on.
Three phase version (400V/50Hz) is able for pumping up to 40% of soft mineral (quicksand and silt) or max 5% of thin sand (50 kg) per 1 m3 of water.
Single phase version is suggested for clear water only.


Pump-set EV consists of a submersible electric motor and a progressive cavity pump of very simple design, with minimal number of parts.
As the pump main part there is the stator with rubber liner in form of double knuckle thread, in cavity of which there a single screw rotates.


Pump main parts are produced with following constructional materials:

  • Suction casing – grey cast iron
  • Discharge casing – malleable cast iron or steel
  • Screw, coupling rod, coupling – stainless steel
  • Stator – made of rubber, as standard EPDM or Silicone (only on 3” single phase), NR or NBR available
  • Stator shell made of steel

Download 3EVFU data sheet
Download 4EVAU data sheet
Download 4EVFU data sheet